UPDATE, MAY 6, 2020

Dear Valued Customer,
Of course everyone is eager to reopen, especially all of us at White's Farm.

In accordance with the State of Indiana and Governor Eric Holcomb's reopening guidelines, White's Farm Wednesdays has been designated by the government as a Stage 5 Business.

Under the Stage 5 designation, White's Farm Wednesdays will still not open for many weeks. We remain hopeful.

The greatest challenge to us in the effort to reopen, is the Miscellaneous Auction of small-dollar items and odd lots. We will soon have a modified format of the auction, including virtual bidding through our auction app, when we reopen the Miscellaneous Auction

So for the time being, the following is in place:

- White's Realty: No Change - office remains open by appointment and agents will continue to service clients as usual. With Spring, the real estate market is moving again, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

- White's Storage: No change - clients will still have access to self storage units and have the same options available for payment.

- Livestock auction: Remains open, but under these STRICT CONDITIONS

- Wednesday Miscellaneous Auction: Still closed. This auction will open in a new format following Stage 5 being initiated by the State of Indiana.

- White's Farm Flea market: Events to resume on the Wednesday following Stage 5 being initiated by the State of Indiana.

- White's Farm food service: To open on the Wednesday following Stage 5 being initiated by the State of Indiana

For more information about the State of Indiana reopen plans, please visit: https://backontrack.in.gov.

We appreciate your continued consideration and are dedicated to doing our part to defeat the COVID19 virus.

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White's Farm was founded in 1922, with auction services, real estate, storage, and of course White's Farm Wednesday, when thousands of people come to buy and sell produce, collectibles, and just about anything else!

The White’s team at the Franklin County Foundation charity auction.

A Family Business, Serving Your Family

White Enterprises has been in operation since 1922, with a business spanning four generations. We specialize in selling real estate at auction and real estate location service.

Others services include estate appraisals, certified real estate appraisals, antique sales, and private personal property auctions. We conduct a weekly livestock auction, flea market, and antique/miscellaneous item auction on site at White’s Farm. A consignment farm machinery auction is also held twice a year.